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My name is Caroll, a busy ma with babies. Since Feb 2016, I have been running my cookery journal.
I love to cook, suppose preparation and eventually eat what I cook. I’m a professional person. However, I found my place within the room. I feel more leisurely being within the room rather than within the court. My office is my sanctuary. I try and build my dishes not too sophisticated (I’m a ma, I don’t have time for hours with babies!). However, they’re perpetually delicious! Well, a minimum of my youngsters and my husband love them, OH my friends too. They typically visit ME and check out the food I cook, and up to currently, I have ne’er detected any complaints.

This page could be a continuation of my previous journal – all earlier comments from you, my readers. However, I hope that the redo of the location can presently be crammed with opinions packed with cookery passion!

Do you like to cook too? Or does one love attempting new recipes? Then you’ll be a part of ME here. I want to speak regarding food with all of you out there. Don’t hesitate to send ME some instruction to undertake.

I warmly invite you to browse, comment, write and … joint cooking!