Must See Trend Food Packaging Design Inspiration in Food Industry

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Design Hill and 99 Design

The food industry has grown exponentially over the years. Companies have expanded and ventured into newer avenues to please the taste buds of the consumers. Customers have an interest and willingness to experiment with unique flavours and options. The high competition within the industry has led to brands making dramatic changes to draw in customers. The food packaging design is one of the many factors which influence consumer trends.

The unique and artistic packaging design and its colour have always aroused the interest of the buyers. So what are the essential elements to be considered while designing a label? What makes it interesting and exciting to the consumers? Why do some designs succeed, while others fail?

2020 is about to be a superb year for packaging design trends. Designers are pushing the boundaries of the planning form—from function to aesthetics. Exciting trends in colour, illustration, shape and other design elements are coming together to make unexpected product packaging that helps brands break through the clutter of competition.

The upcoming year is poised to surprise us with the foremost unique and innovative packaging trends in recent memory—and if brands and designers want to succeed, they’re going to got to understand those trends and the way to bring them to life. 

Here is some trend food packaging design inspiration in packaging industry you want to look:

1. Metamorphoses

Consumers in 2020 are going to be overwhelmed with options—and with numerous brands and products out there, it’ll be even tougher for brands to make something unique and meaningful that resonates with their customers. That’s why artful designs that show fascinating ideas like “metamorphoses” are poised to be one among the most important packaging trends in 2020.

Think of metamorphoses as the design where there’s entire meets the attention. It’s where one design element goes through a change (or, more accurately, a metamorphosis) into another.

This optical phenomenon not only adds visual interest to packaging, but it also draws in consumers who want to ascertain the intricate details of the complete picture—which can help brands differentiate themselves from the competition, get down the shelf and grab their customers’ attention with a deeper meaning. In 2020, expect brands to embrace this more artistic, avant-garde packaging trend as how to face out from the gang and make something new and different.

2. Retro-futurism

Retro-futurism might sound like an oxymoron. But the reality is, retro and futuristic design can work well together, invoking both feelings of nostalgia (retro) and anticipation (futurism). 2020 will see package designers using the present gradient trend as a springboard for creating packaging that pairs both futuristic and retro design elements to make remarkable designs which will appeal to a right sort of consumers.

Expect many neon colours, bold gradients, and retro design touches (like minimalist logos and retro-inspired typography) to return together in unique, unexpected, and on-trend ways. “Bright neon colours and gradients are around for an honest few years now and are still trending,” says 99designs designer good panic. “They will shift more to the packaging territory to feature a retro-futurism vibe to brands.”

3. The Shape

Let’s talk shapes! Though the foremost standard forms within the market are rectangle, box, cuboids, cylindrical and sphere. Time and again, the unique ways have gained the consumers’ attention. However, these shapes don’t guarantee the success of the merchandise . But they are doing attract attention and have eased the method of brand name visibility. Brands have innovated and introduced new shapes entirely into existing products or maybe made a slight modification to the usual ways to form it stand out.

The best example during this avenue would be the beverage packaging design where the merchandise quantity determines the form. The demographics also play a serious role as companies have attempted both compact and enormously vast sizes to cater to their audience. Sometimes, even newer shapes are invented to capture the market and to draw buyer attention. The trend is consistently fluctuating between conventional and modernism to stay up with the growing demands.

4. Blurry colour splotches and blurred images

Retro-futurism isn’t the sole 2020 packaging design trend to emerge from the still-popular gradient trend. “A great trend in gradients is that the use of spotted gradients, multi gradients and blurs,” says 99designs designer Obrecht.

The use of blurry colour splotches gives packaging a cool and edgy feel. This trend will take gradients to the subsequent level, blurring the sides to make a more abstract look which will feel cutting-edge and design-forward in 2020. Also, expect designers to use a blur to pictures, creating an abstract gradient effect that goes beyond colour—and will draw consumers in as they struggle to form out the image behind the blur.

5. The Image

What is the primary thing to note once you pick-up a product? It’s not the name. Your eyes will register the image before the words. Though, it takes only a matter of seconds behind this perception. the first look features a significant image on the buyer decision. The visual stimuli prompt your brain to function during a specific way, and that they have a subconscious effect.

This image might be the image of the particular product, a schematic depiction of the first ingredient, or model relishing the goodness of the merchandise. However, it doesn’t stop with it, and newer imagery is introduced as a neighbourhood of the particular design. Specific relevance would be appreciated, and it’s to capture the eye of the buyers. Minimalistic design is usually more likely to succeed in the audience instead of complicated ones. It should be both innovative and useful to achieve.


Whether we agree or not, we discover ourselves interested in the brightest product on the rack. Though quality plays a significant role within the success of the merchandise, food packaging design is what attracts the consumers most. In an aisle portraying all types of tea, the foremost exotic tea packaging design is sure to draw the top attraction. It’d not ensure sales, but it puts the merchandise within the race. A product in attractive cover design on the social media page compels customers for a try. It increases brand visibility and customer reach. It’s imperative to think about these factors while creating planning.

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